Whether you’re starting a tourist park or building a new home, Asset Cabins and Homes provide a range of solutions for both Commercial and Residential clients. The three collections encompass flexible, versatile, and diverse designs to cater to your specific preferences.

Choose from either of the collections to help kickstart your project, build on your design and upgrade with inclusions to suit your site and requirements. The key is we can help you reach a solution faster by building modular!

Flora - Commercial Collection

Flora is a range of smaller cabin designs for commercial purposes, ideal for:

  • Tourist/Caravan parks
  • Camp Kitchens
  • Amenities
  • Accessible Solutions
  • Premium Mining and Worker Accommodation
  • Bed & Breakfast

Each cabin features a central living zone for effortless living and are a perfect solution for overnight stayers.

Check out the Flora Designs here.

County - Commercial & Residential Collection

The County homes are designed with style, character & versatility, ideal for multi-generational living, starting in 60m2 size and larger.

This range is ideal for:

  • Residential homes
  • Lifestyle villages
  • Weekenders
  • Secondary dwellings

Designs feature functional layout to maximise indoor to outdoor integration, great for open plan living and entertaining families.

Check out the County Designs here.

The States - Premium Residential Collection

The States collection provides acreage size homes for growing families, prioritising classic design with seamless layouts that elevate residential lifestyle.

Beyond the stately facades, home plans feature dedicated kids’ areas, studies, sculleries, and walk-in- robes, designed for you to enjoy spacious, comfortable, low maintenance ground floor living.

Either traditional or modern, generous flexibility in design ensures that your living space caters to your needs and preferences.

Our guarantee is that this collection offers a homely yet stately feel to ensure you live good & feel good.

Check out the States Collection here.