Absolutely – design changes are easy! With Asset Cabins & Homes you’re not charged for changes to designs, unless materials and/or labour costs increase/decrease.

Some changes will cost you nothing… you could be thinking of a simple mirror image of the floor plan, swap of door and window locations or moving some internal walls – that’s simple with Asset!

We want your home to be a place you love, and we are more than happy to help take advantage of a view, access the best environmental benefits on your site, or work with the best positioning for your driveway or vehicles, just to name a few!

If you want to add features to your design, for example a 2 meter extension on the verandah, or a larger sliding door, there are no design costs for you. We would advise the construction costs of the alterations only.

We are more than happy to adjust our designs to your requirements, and if you have a completely different concept in mind, we can develop that too!

Yes!  You will be astounded at this obligation free service.  Simply email or text us a photo of your design, and we will soon show you how we can create your build in modular form.  Whilst there may need to be some minor modifications to the design, our design team can set up an obligation free design workshop to discuss the outcomes you would love to achieve for your project.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, as we would love to work with you on your project.

Asset Cabins and Homes’ expert Creative Services team can help you to choose architectural features, colour schemes, materials and appliances. We’ll also give you practical advice to maximise space perception and minimise maintenance.

Yes. Asset Cabins and Homes offers obligation free site visits to give you an overall site analysis. Whether you’re planning a development, building your first home, or adding a dwelling on an existing property, we can suggest ways to take advantage of the natural setting and maximise the opportunities your project site offers.

Asset Cabins and Homes help free you from the potential frustration of dealing with councils by completing and lodging applications for your building and plumbing approvals for you.  This is part of what we do everyday, so we love helping you with this!  We have certifiers that cover remote locations and we will quote costs to you for your specific project.  The certification through the licensed certifier is for building approvals.  Should your project not require us to do approvals, e.g. if you are doing them yourself, please ask us for the list of all the certificates and documentation that we provide as part of our standard offering to you.

Here at Asset Cabins & Homes we have a very strong supply chain for our home and cabin componentry.  We recently calculated that 96% of the products used to build our homes and cabins, are Australian made.  Also, stock holdings of imported products are kept to ensure the continuity of supply.

Absolutely!  Reach out to one of our design consultants because we are more than happy to facilitate a turn-key package for you!  Our turn-key services can include onsite service connections, driveways, letterboxes, clotheslines, landscaping, and fencing!

We service the entire state of Queensland and the Northern Territory, islands and all.  We are also more than happy to build for you Australia Wide!

Our buildings are well placed to achieve a minimum 7-star energy rating. With 75mm R1.8 foil backed blanket to the underside of the roofing, plus R2.5 insulation batts to all of your ceilings (cathedral and level), green insulation batts in all external walls and external wall wrap sisalation paper… as far as insulation goes, we’ve got you covered.  Also helping your energy rating is our grey tinted glass to all windows and sliding doors, and that’s standard!  We also do energy efficiency reports as a standard part of your building approval process.  This takes into account the orientation you have chosen for your building and assesses your climatic region.  And as always, your colour choices can of course help you reach higher than a 7-star energy efficiency rating.

We currently do not build to lockup stage, however, that means we look after all internal fit out from start to finish, this includes obtaining the final certification!

Whilst DIY cabinetry, painting, plumbing & electrical seems an affordable alternative, it creates additional stresses and delays your move in date.

Leaving it to us simplifies the build process for you, guarantees quality & structural integrity.

We don’t offer kit homes, flat packs or lock-up build options. However with Asset Cabins and Homes you receive a complete package that supports you through the entire build process; right from conducting site analysis through to final certification of your home.

Your Asset Cabin or Home is constructed at our purpose designed factory using huge buying power, production line efficiencies and tight quality control. All while still offering you flexibility in design and genuine personal service from a family business with over 25 years’ experience in the relocatable building industry.  So having us to complete your build, inside and out, will have many advantages!

Kit home suppliers can require you to purchase and install things like the plasterboard, all painting, floor coverings, cabinetry etc. and this can often work out at a higher cost than modular build once completed. However by going modular, you can stress less!

Yes!  Passive design responds to local climate and site conditions to maximise your comfort and health while minimising energy use… It reduces energy use and environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions.  We are passionate about passive design.  This is part of the great service we offer here at Asset.

Your home is built like any other residential home, with a structural steel frame and roof structure as well as termite treated building materials, which includes the flooring, window reveals, door jambs, architraves and skirtings.  The floor frame is all Australian Duragal steel, coated and protected from rust to ensure structural longevity.  The floor joist system is galvanised RHS joists welded to large rigid RSJ beams from end to end of your home. 

The lining inside the steel frame walls, is plasterboard and finished off as a complete plastered and painted finish.  The fully engineered system from the the fully welded floor frame to the structurally braced wall frame, ensures a simple installation and longevity of build.

Yes it is!  Your home is built like any other residential home, with a steel frame construction and termite treated building elements.  Termite treated building elements means; flooring, window reveals, door jambs, architraves and skirtings are all termite treated.  The floor, wall and roof frame is all steel.  The steel posts underneath the steel bearers are typically 400mm long, and a minimum of 150mm long on a sloping site, allowing the ability to view the steel stumps for inspection purposes, as a physical barrier.  Should your project have a concrete slab, as part of it, then Kordon termite barrier can be utilised for slab penetrations and any slab abutments if necessary.  Of course, your building project normally goes through the certification process, and should you require anything additional, this can be evaluated as part of that.

Your building is built to residential building standards and the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) set out structural warranty conditions e.g. footings and water ingress.  Your building from Asset Cabins & Homes is warranted for the same conditions as QBCC sets out, for 8 years from completed installation, which is in excess of the 6 years and 6 months that the QBCC warranty stipulates.

Yes! As part of your building process for a standard residential build contract, this is paid by Asset Cabins & Homes, who is your QBCC licensed builder for your project – Contractor License Number: 1199395.  Please note that commercial projects don’t come under the QBCC Home Builder Scheme, however please feel free to speak to one of our friendly team members about additional documentation should it be required.  For other states, please reach out to one of our design consultants for license details.

Yes!  Asset Cabins & Homes becomes your building partner for the manufacture, delivery and installation of your new building.  We are licensed builders who handle your project from the initial concept through to final building certifier inspection.  There may be parts of the project that you are organising, in which case, that piece will be dependent on you to complete in a timely manner so that your final building certificate is not delayed.