Create an unforgettable first impression and stand out amongst neighbours with our range of facades below. The facade will be the external appearance of your new home or cabin. Consider what style, materials, and colours you love, remember, it should flow with your interior. Choose your preferred facade once you’ve picked a plan – We can always customise these to suit your personal style and the property’s surrounding areas.  

Classic Facade

The Classic has been an Asset favourite over and over again. With a 14° pitch to the roof, you’ll find this gives the perfect cathedral ceiling on the inside. Being a single gable is not to say it has to be boring… Our Sussex I design pictured to the right shows just how to wear the look beautifully. A great solution for every home design!

Classic Facade

The Classic facade will stand the test of time with functional, practical and elaborate design features, making your house feel like home for years to come. Traditional is timeless, where gabled rooves feature ornate infills and added character to the home. Central verandahs are complimented with balustrades, hardwood posts and intricate verandah brackets. Classic facade accommodates lighter colour palettes with rich textures and stone accents.

Large colonial windows make a bold statement, maximizing sunlight & airflow throughout living areas. The Classic facade is for the families who love to entertain, the heart of the home is dedicated to family living and dining with integration to outdoors.

Timeless Facade

Always a popular look to give your home a custom feel! The Timeless look emphasizes the feature in your floor plan and brings feature to the facade in more ways than one. Not only giving opportunity for multiple roof faces, this design gives potential to feature gable designs to suit any style! We love how the Timeless has lent itself to the traditional Queenslander look that the Essex does so beautifully. An ideal facade look to have when character is the call of the day!

Cube Facade

Going all out with the modern rage look where everything is square. The Cube facade takes a floorplan from great to jaw dropping looks with no dramas. This facade allows for 9ft ceilings, a feature not always possible in other façade looks on modular homes! The modern feel of the Cube facade will have neighbours struggling to believe this is a modular home!

Skyline Facade

A style that can never go wrong, the Skyline offers so much potential on the inside and out. Giving a real sense of space to the interior of the home, you’ll be surprised at how much the external changes the internal! The Skyline has the potential to express so many different looks, and is the perfect facade to go for when you want to break away from the ordinary.

Coastal Facade

One of the most popular facade looks, the Coastal is consistently a best seller! The high roof allows for a soaring ceiling, adding space and bringing a prestigious feel of size to the internals, no matter what size the home is. The Coastal embraces so many styles, preferences and designs that you really can’t go wrong with. Add some narrow upper windows to stream some light into a living area! An aesthetically pleasing look, you’ll have people glancing twice when they see a Coastal home.