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How much does a modular Cabin or Home cost?

When starting a build project, we understand you’ll want to know how much it will cost.

Building a cabin or home is a big investment and its good idea to be aware of costs associated, especially if you’re working to a budget.

Every modular build is unique and in order to provide you with a site-specific cost for your building project, we take into account many variables such as location, access, size and design choice of your new cabin or home.

Location: The distance between your property and our manufacturing facility has significant impact on transport costs. Another factor to consider, is your site difficult to access?

Size: Are you intending to build a single modular or multi-modular cabin? What are the widths of these modules?

Design Choices: This is your choice of inclusions, fixtures, fittings, material upgrades and ceiling heights.

These three factors explain why modular house prices vary so much and why it’s difficult to give exact figures, or an across-the-board sqm rate.

The chart below indicates the starting value of each range.

1 Bedroom Cabins/Homes 

From $112,000

2 Bedroom Cabins/Homes

From $130,000

3 Bedroom Cabins/Homes

From $160,000

4 Bedroom Cabins/Homes

From $270,000

5 Bedroom Homes

From $450,000

6 Bedroom Homes

From $550,000

*These prices are indicative and only a guide


All cabins and homes come with standard inclusions which are the standard features and fittings we offer. You can upgrade these which will potentially increase the overall cost of your cabin or home.  

For example, you may choose to upgrade your kitchen benches to a Caesarstone benchtop as opposed to a Formica Laminate. To keep within budget, you could keep your bathroom taps and handrails based on standard inclusions, which are more cost effective.


We can transport modular homes anywhere in Queensland and Australia. 

Transport costs are determined by the following three factors:

  • Distance between your site and our manufacturing facility
  • Number of modules to transport  
  • Width of the modules 

Onsite install

Asset Cabins & Homes will install your cabin or home on stumps and complex the home, ready for your trades to connect the onsite services.  

The main cost items related to onsite connection of services that you need to consider are:

Plumbing and Drainage: If your site is serviced by reticulated water and/or sewage, you’ll need to allow for connection to the water supply and sewer. This may involve a new meter on your property if not already installed. 

If your site is not serviced, you will need to allow for water tanks, water pump and an effluent disposal system. 

Electricity: You will need to connect to power supply, so your lighting, internet, and power points are functional. This may involve a new meter if your property does not already have power supply connected. 

TV: A TV antenna or satellite dish will need to be installed.  

Read more here: What’s involved in arranging onsite services

This may seem a long-winded approach to getting a cost estimate, however using this calculation will help you get a clearer idea on the influencing factors and identify where you can prioritize your spending.   

Find out why we don’t cost per meter squared here

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