The nature of our modular construction process lessens environmental impact as homes are built in a controlled environment.

Everything is in proximity to limit excess daily travel, ensuring that all rubbish is contained and onsite, the final home site landscaping is considerably less damaged than an onsite build.

Asset’s cabins and homes are design with consideration of Earths future, your build has very high levels of insulation, tinted windows, ample ventilation, energy-efficient lighting, and water-saving tapware to minimise the carbon footprint.

In consideration with your design, maximise the glazing to the north facing walls, minimise glazing where practical on western walls, place windows where possible to capture north easterly breezes, and you will build a home which is more liveable and reduces energy consumption.

A handy reference for your home build is www.yourhome.gov.au

All our cabins and homes are built to achieve at least a 6-star energy efficiency rating*, which can be raised if required.

For more information, see Asset’s Sustainability Statement

Call us today to discuss your eco-accreditation needs for your tourist park project.

*As part of the process for your build, a design consultant will work with you based on your chosen design, location, and orientation that you choose.