What is involved in arranging onsite services?

At Asset Cabins and Homes, we build your entire home or cabin off-site and then deliver to your property. Once installed, you’ll need electricity, water, sewage, gas and tv, in order to obtain a Final Certificate from the Building Certifier and to ensure your home is livable.
Onsite service connection points for power, water and sewer needs to be arranged with the relevant authorities prior to installation in preparation for connection once your home or cabin is installed. Once our onsite works are completed and your home is installed, it’s ready for connection to services, by your chosen trades.
For our Commercial and Residential clients, we require you to arrange onsite services which includes electrical, plumbing, gas & tv. 
If you’re unable to arrange onsite services, our package option is suitable for you, where onsite services are included as part of your contract. Speak to your design consultant about the specifics for your site!

What is the cost of onsite services?

The cost of onsite services varies as it’s unique to each project.
It depends on several factors like:

  • How close are the services to the house onsite – 10m/20m/100m?
  • Are you connecting on a septic system or sewer? Or already have an effluent disposal system that will need to be extended?
  • Are you on tank water or town water?
  • Will you be using an on-grid or off-grid solar power solution?
  • Where are you located – near a town, or rural?
  • Do you want TV connection, NBN connection included?
  • How are you directing stormwater?

For example, you have a house in town, on town water, town sewer, electricity – and all these services were located within 5-10m of the house. You could be looking at approximately $15,000 – $25,000. Add an effluent disposal system and tanks for a rural property and the cost of onsite services could be in the vicinity of 25-30k (Site specific, individual sites may vary)
Consider a starter pack option to formalise your onsite connections. This will help to confirm your specific onsite requirements.

How long does onsite works take?

Onsite works can be commenced once we have completed our scope of on-site works. Most trades would take 1-2 days to complete their work, meaning that if well-coordinated, you could be in your new home or cabin within a week of us completing our installation works.

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