Disability Access Solutions

Disability Access Solutions


For your Tourist Park Development

There is a growing trend of persons with mobility needs which requires tourist parks to cater to this lifestyle and allow persons to travel more freely. Ensure your park is geared up to service this market with accessible cabins, camp kitchens & amenities.

Building an environment that’s accessible for all will providing a comfortable stay, making your park more attractive to the aging community and young families with prams.

There is a ratio of accessible cabins required for part of your tourist park development. You can refer to your town planner or certifier on this and as a guide, here is a reference:

Ramps are constructed for wheelchairs at 1:14. Special consideration needs to be given to placement of your accessible cabin to ensure the space for ramps and dedicated carpark wheelchair circulations spaces.

You can discuss the details of any existing facilities you have with your town planner or certifier.

We can help with design requirements, please call today to discuss, and arrange an obligation free site visit with one of our design consultants.

For Residential

Multigenerational living is made easy with a fully customisable suite of accessible solutions for your home.

Some of the additional requirements you may consider for your project are:

  • Low profile threshold (including doors, shower doors)
  • Wider doorways
  • Provision for future mobility systems
  • Home automation
  • Kitchen Cabinetry adjustments
  • Larger bathrooms
  • Additional carers rooms
  • Ramps generally are at 1:8 if required
  • Platforms

Give us a call today, to see how we can help your project with whatever your design requirements are and arrange an obligation free site visit with one of our design consultants.