At Asset Cabins and Homes, we are currently in the implementation stage of a Quality Management System (QMS) so that we certify to ISO9001:2015.

ISO9001:2015 is a framework that helps companies to improve their products and services consistently. This framework also assists with planning, supply chain management, performance, and internal processes within the company (https://saiassurance.com.au/)

An independent certification body audits our implementation of this system to ensure we certify to ISO9001:2015.

What this means for you is that our products will meet your requirements and expectations. As well as meeting industry requirements, ensuring quality, safe and environmentally friendly production output.

For us to quote and complete specific jobs it is important for us to certify to this ISO standard, as it enables us to provide solutions on various projects.

You’ll have peace of mind, because every Asset Cabin and Home has a rigid steel base and termite-treated or steel frame. Assembly is conducted inside our factory, not outside where exposure to the weather can cause problems later.

Of course, standard features include cyclone ratings and soil testing for structural integrity and materials choice to weather our harsh climate zones.

You can expect many years of dependable service and minimal maintenance with Asset’s relocatable cabins and homes. They’re constructed to the highest standard, and they fully comply with the relevant Queensland building legislation.

The service continues after installation, with 12 month’s free maintenance and an 8-year structural warranty. All residential construction work is covered by Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Building environment design: Cabins and homes are designed for energy conservation and efficiency