What is involved in arranging onsite services?

At Asset Cabins and Homes, we build your entire home or cabin off-site and then deliver to your property. Once installed, you’ll need electricity, water, sewage, gas and tv, in order to obtain a Final Certificate from the Building Certifier and to ensure your home is livable.  Onsite service connection points for power, water and […]

Why we don’t offer a square metre pricing rate?

The issue with costing per/metre square When building a new home or cabin, you’ll most likely want to know the overall value before committing. A lot of our customers ask, “What does it cost per square metre?” or what is the “ballpark figure” to build a cabin or home. Costing per square metre is dividing […]

How foundations work for modular cabins and homes?

When building a modular cabin or home, the foundation ensures the structure will stand securely long term, withstand our cyclonic areas, and ensures minimal footing movement for the variety of sites we have here in QLD.  There are several foundation types you can use when building modular, two common methods are:    Concrete Footings and steel […]

What to consider for energy efficiency?

When building a new residence, it is a requirement to achieve a minimum 6-star energy rating as per the Queensland Development Code.  Not to worry – building to a 6-star rating encourages smarter design and benefits you in so many ways.  You will make ongoing savings and be able to live comfortably all year round. […]